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Student Pledge


This is considered binding upon submitting this purchase.


This agreement is made for Audra Gordon's courses and sessions both online, over the phone or skype, and in-person between student (you) and Audra Gordon.

This Agreement shall govern the conditions of disclosure by Audra Gordon and The Student of certain Confidential Information, including but not limited to course material, trade secrets and intellectual property relating to the the courses offered by Audra Gordon.


I understand that in taking a course through Audra Gordon, I must take full responsibility for my course work and take ownership in my ability to take this class.


Time Zones: I understand that all communication about times and/or schedules via email, Facebook or website forum are always Eastern Standard Time (EST) and not the time zone I reside and/or am traveling in. Time Zone converter:

Tech Pledge: It is my sole responsibility to ensure I have access, use and familiarity with all forms of technology required for my successful participation in this course, if required. Although this type of career does deal mainly with people rather than computers, we feel that there are some computer skills essential for online courses, homework assignments, weekly videos, etc. when applicable. 


Homework: I understand that it is my responsibility to turn my homework in on a timely manner before the next lesson is given if I'm purchasing a multiple-course curriculum. I understand that my homework is due no later than the morning of the next session. I understand that Audra’s goal is to keep me on a timely path. Late homework exceptions are considered made for illness, emergencies, natural disasters, etc.

Due to the nature of having immediate access to digital course materials, all purchases are final. We do not refund, transfer or defer courses, workshops, classes, or sessions, and must be completed as purchased and specified. 



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