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M Y   J O U R N E Y   A S   A   M E D I U M

From a very young age, I have been able to see, hear and feel spirits and angels. It was a normal way of being for me and all I really knew. In fact, I thought everyone had this ability until one day when my mother saw my sister and I communicating with each other telepathically while we were beading necklaces together and it freaked her out. After that point we were told to stop being "different". Confused by this, she explained that it's wasn't a good idea if people knew that we had abilities for fear of being labeled or teased so to appease our parents we tried to be less noticeable with them so that we wouldn't draw attention to ourselves.


Looking back, my childhood was filled with a lot of unexpected and surprising experiences. I had premonitions of conversations and events that hadn't happened yet, I knew who was calling before I answered the phone or who was going to be knocking on my door. I knew what people were thinking before they spoke and if they looked at me as they were passing by I saw a glimpse into their lives, and on occasion I'd see their aura that would slightly trail behind them as they walked by. One afternoon when I was 11 years old I was riding my bike home from a friend's house and suddenly knew that I was adopted. That led to a very interesting conversation with my parents when they revealed that my father had adopted my sisters and I nine years prior.


Visions would come to me while I was awake and doing random things around the house that would appear as images, symbols and small video clips. By the second grade, I learned how to do telekinesis when I was bored in class and performed remote viewing when I wanted to know what was going on somewhere that I couldn't go to like the neighborhood park or to peek in on my sister if we were separated. I use this technique to help me work on missing persons and cold cases to this day. Something else that I thought was interesting growing up was that things would react when I held it in my hands if I had heightened emotions or felt a connection to it. At the time I didn't really understand what was happening but later learned that I had a natural, innate ability to energetically heal through my hands and intention, so I learned as much as I could to expand in this area. After studying more I learned how to work with the Archangels through angelic energy healing, color therapy, and became a Reiki Grand Master Instructor and Karuna Ki Master which I also practice to this day. 

How  It   Started  For   Me

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Through the years, I continued using my abilities and researching psychics and mediums as much as I could. My eyes were glued to the TV anytime a medium had their own show and I'd watch them intently with awe while at the same time feeling like I wasn't alone with these abilities after many years of keeping them to myself.  This is really when I gained the courage to come out as a medium because I was able to see how readings were helping so many people, plus It was refreshing to see mediums be completely open with what they could do while healing people in the process. Everything that I had known about mediumship and psychic abilities to this point was what came naturally to me but I wanted to learn more about them, have more control and expand in my reach, so I studied the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK and later studied under Tony Stockwell, James VanPraagh and others to achieve a higher level of ability and knowledge. I also practice continual education in advanced mediumistic studies, spiritualism, and quantum physics. I feel like I can never learn enough in this field, it's so fascinating to me. In fact, it's this same motivation that fuels my desire to teach others to develop their abilities through individualized learning techniques and courses to do what I do. This is my passion and one of the biggest reasons why I feel I'm here. 

As  I  Got   Older

My  Life  Now

I'm always growing as a medium to be the best that I can be so that I can provide details in each reading with verifiable evidence of spirit's existence. My drive to always improve will never really change because I love what I do and above all, I love helping those in need. My goal is to reach as many people as I can through group sessions, platform demonstrations, live readings, and individual sessions so that everyone can receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, as there is no greater gift in my eyes than knowing that we're always being watched over by them and that they continue to live on beyond the physical world. Along with mediumship and helping the homeless and families in need, I have to acknowledge my amazing husband Matthew and three wonderful and beautiful children who have supported me throughout my journey. They're my light and my joy. My everything. 

Thanks for visiting! Many blessings! 

Audra Gordon

International Evidential Psychic Medium

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H E L P I N G   T H O S E   I N   N E E D

Interested in making a difference in someone's life in a profound way? Our family has been actively involved in helping people for over 30 years with local and state-wide community programs and independent outreach efforts. Come join us!

Pay It Forward Program by Audra Gordon Psychid Medium and Intuitive Coach

International Evidential Psychic Medium • Spiritual Teacher/Mentor • Author • Reiki Grand Master/Instructor
• Karuna Ki Master/Instructor • Certified Life Coach • Ordained Minister

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fun facts about me





I'm nothing without my morning coffee and meditation. It jumpstarts all the good vibes.

I love taking long trips. I'd love to sell my home and drive an RV across the country for a few years and work on the road.

I could spend every day at the beach. Whether working, playing, or relaxing. It's my happy place.

Things I do every day; light a candle, listen to music, laugh often, and look at the ocean from my window.

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