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M Y   J O U R N E Y   A S   A   M E D I U M

From a very young age, I've been able to see, hear, and feel spirits and angels. It was a normal way of being for me and what I shared with my identical twin sister since birth. I thought everyone had this ability until one summer afternoon when we were young, my mother saw my sister and I communicating with each other telepathically and asked what we were saying to each other. I knew that she also had abilities so I figured that she could hear us speaking to each other clairaudiently, but I found out that wasn't the case. Surprisingly, this was an ability that only my sister and I had in the family and something that most people didn't do. This conversation opened my eyes to the reality around me and how we were very different from other people.

Looking back, my childhood was filled with a lot of unexpected and interesting experiences. I had premonitions of conversations and events that hadn't happened yet and it wasn't uncommon for me to know when someone was sick or what animals were feeling. I was able to see a glimpse into their lives if we were close to each other and if they were walking past me I could see their aura trailing behind them about 2 to 3 feet that would catch up to them once they stood still. I always thought that was pretty cool!

How  It   Started  For   Me

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By the second grade, I learned how to do telekinesis when I was bored in class and performed remote viewing if I wanted to know what my sister was doing when we were separated. I still use this technique when I work on psychic investigations and missing-person cases. Electronics would react when I was near them, especially if I had heightened emotions, and would stop working, stall, or completely turn off, and I was constantly replacing batteries. Speaking of electronics, they all run on different frequencies so they have their own distinct pitch, much like a sound signature. As a result of always being aware of them, I was able to identify what devices were turned on in various environments based on how my ears were ringing. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I finally understood that all of this training was amplifying my discernment and how energy was interacting around me. Every shift and change contained information that allowed me to know if a guide was nearby, an angel, family in spirit, or an ascended master based on the pitch that they were emanating.


Even more interesting, there were times when I was visited by angels and guides who would show me various things like what heaven looked like and how we can create our own reality there. You're surrounded by infinite love and beauty that is very different than what we experience here on Earth; everything glistens with its own unique frequency and higher state of knowing. For example, the hues in heaven are beyond what we can see here in our color spectrum as there are far more colors in heaven and they all have a vibrancy that you can feel clairsentiently. Everything has a consciousness there and you can communicate with everything and everyone around you. My guides also shared what happens once someone transitions into the spirit world, the evolution of our soul and how it relates to our incarnations, and yes, even spirits having jobs to help the living. More and more experiences followed through the years and with each one, I drew closer to my purpose and destiny.

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Through the years, I continued researching psychics and mediums as much as I could. My eyes were glued to the TV any time a medium had their own show and I'd binge-watch everything I could get a hold of when it came to the paranormal. I even started ghost hunting in various locations around my town to feel all of the different energies, then I'd see if I could validate what I was picking up through city and county records. The more I got involved in the spiritual and paranormal communities and explored different modalities of consciousness and healing, the more I realized that I wasn't alone with these abilities after many years of keeping them to myself.


All of the new connections and friendships I was making inspired me to want to learn more about my abilities so that I could use them to help people. In order to do this, I had to learn how to control them and have a better understanding of what they were. This is what led me to begin studying the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Later I studied under Tony Stockwell, James VanPraagh, trance medium Chris Ratter, and other leading spiritual teachers to gain different perspectives and broaden my knowledge in a field that they were well versed in. Right now, I'm currently pursuing doctorate degrees in Metaphysical Science (D.D.) and Philosophy (Ph.D.) with an emphasis in Parapsychology, Evidential Trance, Trance Healing and Physical Mediumship. As a life-long medium, I've worked on several missing person and cold cases with law enforcement, and have a background in remote viewing, animal communication, telekinesis, psychometry, precognition, telepathy, and am enhancing my medical mediumship abilities to help those in need of medical discernment and healing. I've taken energetic healing a step further by becoming a Usui Reiki GrandMaster/Instructor and Karuna Ki Master/Instructor that is accompanied by Angelic Healing, Color Therapy (chromotherapy), and other healing modalities to help and heal those in need.

As  I  Got   Older

My  Life  Now

Flash forward to today, and I am more committed than ever to sharing my gifts and abilities with as many people as possible through my online courses, live events, online and in-person community, and private readings. I've been a professional medium for over 15 years now, and have been teaching and mentoring students around the world for over 10 years, resulting in many novice learners transforming into professional mediums and healers through my mentorship programs. In 2021 I co-authored  "Intuitive; Speaking Her Truth", and I'm currently writing two books that will be published in 2024 and 2025. 

I’m grateful for an ability that’s brought countless people comfort, helped many believe that life continues in the afterlife, and demonstrated that loved ones in spirit are always guiding, encouraging, and loving us from the other side. It's a beautiful gift to share and embrace. 

Before closing, I want to acknowledge my amazing husband Matthew and three wonderful and beautiful children who have supported me throughout my journey. They're my light and my joy. My everything. 

I hope to meet you soon and bring you the comfort and hope that you’re searching for.

Thank you so much for visiting! Many blessings! 

Audra Gordon

The Angel's Medium

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H E L P I N G   T H O S E   I N   N E E D

Interested in making a difference in someone's life in a profound way? Our family has been actively involved in helping people for over 30 years with local and state-wide community programs and independent outreach efforts. Come join us!

Pay It Forward Program by Audra Gordon Psychid Medium and Intuitive Coach

Audra Gordon • The Angel's Medium
International Evidential Psychic Medium • Spiritual Teacher/Mentor • Author • Reiki Grand Master/Instructor • Karuna Ki Master/Instructor • Certified Life Coach • Ordained Minister

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fun facts about me





I'm nothing without my morning coffee and meditation. It jumpstarts all the good vibes.

I love taking long trips. I'd love to sell my home and drive an RV across the country for a few years and work on the road.

I could spend every day at the beach. Whether working, playing, or relaxing. It's my happy place.

Things I do every day; light a candle, listen to music that makes me feel good, laugh, show grattitude & pray. 

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