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Often times if you're able to be in a quiet space where you're free from distractions and can relax and close your eyes, you might see flashes of lights, swirly lights, your body temperature might elevate, or you may feel the energy flowing around you. Fully embracing the healing will allow you to connect on a higher level, however, if you don't experience these things, please don't worry, the healing is still working. Everyone experiences healing and energetic information differently. All healings are offered in the timeframe booked but the actual effects will continue to flow and stay with you for a lot longer.


Image by Chelsey Nicoll
Image by Ryan Christodoulou
Image by Madrona Rose

What    You  Can  Expect

You don't have to do anything special during the session; as long as you're accepting of the healing you will receive it, however, having a glass of water nearby will be good so that you don't become dehydrated and if you can lay down or be in a comfortable position, it might enhance the experience for you.


Because I go into meditation during the sessions to work closely with symbols, colors, and intention setting, I will not be doing this over the phone/video so that I can focus on the work that I'm doing. After the session is completed I'll email you what I discovered during the session so that you can be aware of where your energetic fields were before and after the session. 

Image by Katie Luka




There are so many situations that we run into where we might need a little extra help pulling through them, and that's where Reiki Healing can help you. Below are several different types of healing or chakra activations that you can choose from, to help you get through the day and feel empowered. They're all in alphabetical order. All sessions are 15min, and are only $11 each

Healing Sessions

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