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Developmemt Workshops

Below are various courses and workshops developed to enhance your spiritual growth, conscious living, wellness, and ongoing transformation! Each curriculum is designed to help you achieve specific goals that you can use in your everyday life or to level up in your career as a professional in your respective field of choice. 

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Communicating with

Divination Rods

Learn how to calibrate, cleanse and use your divination rods to effectively communicate with loved ones in spirit and guidance from your guides.


Calibrating, Cleansing & Using Your Pendulum

Understand how to use your pendulum for discernment, definitive answers and healing while connecting to the angels, your higher self and your guides.

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Remote Viewing


Become proficient in viewing distant information from the past/future to bring clarity into your life. View in real-time to find lost objects and missing people.

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Adapt the ability to obtain facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Lean how to read residual energy through touch.

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Animal Communication Workshop

Learn how to clairsentiently feel animals, what they're thinking, what their physical ailments are and help heal anxiety, depression, fear and inhibitions.


Predicting Timelines


In this workshop you'll discover several ways to discern timelines to expand your awareness with past, present and future events.

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The future has history. This class will focus on predicting future events with exercises that will enhance proficiency so that you can tap into this frequency easily.

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The past always leaves imprints behind, much like residual energy. This class will focus on picking up past events with exercises that will enhance proficiency.


Mental Telepathy


Learn to send images and thoughts to another person using only your mind and clairvoyance by projecting impressions. Non-physical communication. 


Scrying / Gazing

Learn how to scry successfully using a multitude of techniques and objects to help bring in your clairvoyance while maintaining a high level of consciousness.

Coming Soon!

Telekinesis Development Workshop

Develop telekinesis, the ability to move or influence objects, or to make them change shape using only the power of your mind, not physical touch. 

Image by Monika Kozub

Medical Intuitive
Body Scans

Intuitive observation and assessment using a system of expanded perception gained through the development of perceived impressions.

Image by Valdemaras D.

Developing Your

Reference Library

Understand how clairvoyant images work and how to reference the impressions in a comprehensive library developed by yourself and your guides.


Cleromancy - Charm Casting


Cleromancy is a form of casting in which an outcome is determined by random means, such as object placement and type. 

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Reading Tea Leaves

or Coffee Grounds

Recognize patterns and shapes in left behind from tea leaves or coffee grounds after drinking and interpret messages of the past, present and future.




Use our extrasensory perception to receive impressions about situations or people, which may be in the past, in the present, or future using ribbons and colors.

Image by Esther Verdú

Lithomancy - Casting Crystlas


Understand the properties of crystals and how you can use them for divination to read past, present, and future events.

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Learn how to feel and pick up impressions based on the size, shape, and position of melted candle wax on a flat surface.

Image by micheile henderson



Use flowers to blend your energy into a reading to pick up impressions related to a person, situation or location.


Dream Interpretation


Learn to interpret dreams and their meaning to expand and identify the reasons behind the symbolism and the psyche.

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