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Bury Your Problems & Wash Them Away

Ever feel like things just don’t seem to work in your favor, or you keep running into challenges that bring you down? Sometimes it seems like everything you touch turns to crud. Nothing goes right, you’re frustrated, and your energy is in the gutter. Here’s an easy way to help with this. Try burying your problems in the ground, because the energy of the earth will absorb the negative energy of the problems, bring you back into balance, and increase your energy.

Here’s a neat way that you can do this if you live by the water. Take your problems and bury them on the beach so that the energy is absorbed in the sand and the tide can wash away the negativity. You can make a circle (or any shape) in the sand, dig down a little, place your palms in the center of the area and imagine all negativity flowing out of yourself, down your arms, and into the sand, taking all of your problems with it. Then imagine the positive energy of the earth flowing back into you through your palms, bringing balance and an increase in your frequency. When you’re finished, cover the hole with the sand and watch until the waves come in. As the water washes over the area, imagine that the waves are gathering all aspects of the negative energy, cleansing them as they’re washed out to the ocean.

If you don’t live near the ocean, you can do this exercise by finding a spot of earth that feels right to you, using the above steps, and then pouring a bucket of salt water (salt is an important cleansing tool here) over the area to wash away negativity. You can even choose a spot in your yard that you use every time. Give it a name like the Cleansing Corner, to connect with what you’re doing.

Feel free to do this whenever you feel that you need that extra boost or cleansing.

Bury Your Problems & Wash Them Away Meditation/Exercise - Audra Loibl, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach
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