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Audra is often commissioned to investigate paranormal activity, hauntings, sightings, historical locations, as well as any situation that has potential attachments and or malevolent entities or energies.

She conducts her investigations via remote viewing by using a set of protocols that tap into patterns of information surrounding your situation. She then gathers evidence that can be used to give you the answers you need for discovery or to help resolve missing details of an investigation. She does not need to be in your area or home to assess your situation because she's able to tune into the energy remotely with great accuracy, however, if travel and accommodations are required for her to perform the investigation or is requested by you, a fee will be discussed accordingly. 

Paranormal  Investigations

She will work closely with you, the lead Paranormal Investigator if there is one, as well as any Religious or Shamanic Practitioner who is involved in an investigation in order to assess, understand and help resolve the haunting if in fact a malevolent entity or energy has been detected. All paranormal investigations and potential hauntings are unique and handled in various ways. Clairvoyants, Mediums, and Psychics do not cast out spirits, entities, energies or demons, or banish them. Religious or Shamanic Practitioners ordained in the practice of Exorcism and or Deliverance can and have the ability to do so.

Animals and pets are very intuitive and can see, hear and feel the presence of spirits. In some cases, their reaction to what is unseen will reveal if there is a visitation from an energy that you're not noticing. If you have time, try to pay attention to how they're reacting in your home environment and if they're playing, actively watching, or verbally reacting to something that you're unable to see. Most often times visitations will be from loved ones in spirit but there are occasions where it could be something different that would require a psychic medium to investigate, especially if the energy feels undesirable or negative in any way. 

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